Witadinata Sumantri
President Commisioner

KG. Sudirman Noordeen, AAIK
Independent Commisioner

He started his insurance career in the Netherlands. After 15 years of working in Europe, he decided to come back home and share his expertise to his country. He is certified as a General Insurance Expert (AAIK – Ahli Asuransi Kerugian) by the Indonesian Insurance Institute (Asosiasi Ahli Asuransi Indonesia). With a lot of experience and knowledge in many aspect of the insurance industry under his belt, PT Arthagraha General Insurance has appointed him to be the Independent Commissioner for the company.  

Ricky A. Kusnadi, BA, MBA, ANZIIF (Assoc.)

Graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and City University with a Master’s Degree in Business Management. He worked in a Securities & Investment Company, Merrill Lynch in 2002 for a short time before going back to his home country, Indonesia in 2004. He then joined PT Arthagraha General Insurance as the company commissioner (2004-present). He has also acquired certification from ANZIIF as an Associate CIP in General Insurance.

Herry Kusnadi
President Director

He is a successful businessman in Indonesia. He was the shareholder and commissioner of PT Maskapai Asuransi Tjahjana before it was acquired by the Artha Graha Group in 1995. He joined PT Arthagraha General Insurance in 1996 as a commissioner. By 2001, he was appointed as the President Director until 2010. He is now the President Director of the company.

Margaretha Lina Prabawanti
Technical Director

has joined PT Arthagraha General Insurance since 2008. Had been finished Fit and Proper test as Technical Director. He holds bachelor degree in economic science from Indonesia University. and is certified as AAIK (General Insurance Expert), Indonesian Certified Liability Underwriter (ICLI.U), Indonesian Certified Bonding Underwriter (ICBU), Indonesian Certified Marine Underwriter (ICMar.U), Indonesian Certified Engineering Underwriter (ICEU), Indonesian Certified Motor Underwriter (ICMo.U), Indonesian Certified Property Underwriter (ICPU)

Toar P.A. Weku, SE
Finance & Accounting Director

A Bachelor of Economy. He started his career as a Finance and Accounting Auditor in 1983. He joined PT Arthagraha General Insurance in 1998 as a Finance & Accounting Manager. He has earned a Bachelor of Insurance Management from STIMRA recently and was appointed as the company’s Finance & Accounting Director in 2010 till the present time.

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